There’s this group called Dogs Deserve Better. They rescue dogs that are reported and proven to be mistreated by their owners. This includes dogs that are chained outside of the actual house. One of their rescues is a dog named Biscuit.

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The neighbors noticed that there were six dogs were constantly chained to the backyard – two adult dogs and four puppies. They reported the dogs’ situation to the humane society, and that’s when Dogs Deserve Better came in. They rescued five dogs on New Year’s Eve, one of the puppies had been rescued a couple of weeks before.

The thing is, not only were the dogs chained, but they also did not have access to fresh, clean drinking water and no bed. They sleep on the ground, so when it’s raining, they sleep on the mud. Talk about neglect. At this point, no is aware of how long these dogs have been chained.

The group that rescued Biscuit and her family decided to take the two adult dogs to a dog park. Here’s a video of Biscuit’s first freedom run. She was hesitant, and a bit scared at first. Probably because she was used to the chain yanking her back when she starts to wander off a little too far.

This video will show your how happy biscuit was when she realized that she’s chain-free. You’ll see that being able to run free can give a dog the most magical moment of his life.

For me, dogs should be treated as a family member. If you’re not sure if you can give a dog the proper care that he needs, then it’s better to not adopt or get a dog at all. Thank you Dogs Deserve Better and Amy Hines for rescuing dogs in need.

Source: Amy Hines via YouTube

Thanks The Wagging Dog for sharing this.


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