There is no saying what Bella has gone through, but with the looks of it, it doesn’t seem well.

Bella is a German shepherd that was seen running all by herself at a Lancaster freeway in Pennsylvania by the start of November.  She was awfully thin and had lost a significant percentage of her body fur.

Luckily, one Good Samaritan is on the same road that pulled right away to offer a helping hand.  The moment the car door opened, Bella jumped right into in.  She probably knew it was going to be the ride that will change her distressing situation.

Bella was brought to a nearby SPCA office that coordinated her transfer to the care of Char–Wills German Shepherd Rescue.

The sweet pooch was over the moon having people around her again, and she was even delighted more upon receiving a gift from her rescuers – her very own tennis ball.  No matter how frail Bella was, she lit up with the sight of the ball.

“All she wanted to do was to run around with the ball in her mouth”, said President Diane Buhl of the rescue group in an interview with The Dodo.

No one can tell how long it’s been since Bella had her own toy, but as of now, it doesn’t seem she’s be losing interest in them anytime soon.

While it is uncertain why Bella ended up in the highway, it is most likely that her owner abandoned her because of the skin disease that left her almost naked bald.

It also appears that the rescued dog, which cannot be more than 8 years of age, was used to breed puppies because she was unspayed when found.  Additionally, Bella is 20 pounds lighter than the average weight of an adult German shepherd.

Buhl stated that the dog did not have any health condition that would cause weight or appetite loss, she was simply starved having no food offered to her.

At the moment, Bella has regular meals and snacks.  She’s also under medication to treat her skin condition and hopefully, she gets her fur back, too.

Bella currently lives with her loving foster family along with other canine and feline siblings of different sizes.  Bella could have been listed up for adoption after her recovery but just even before that, she’s already a case of foster fail.  Bella has just been adopted by her foster family.

Photo Credits to Char–Wills German Shepherd Rescue

If a canine getting her own toy and being adopted by a furever home aren’t great Christmas gifts, what is?


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