Daisy was once one of the dogs waiting to be adopted at the Battersea Dog & Cats Home located in United Kingdom.  She was a puppy back then and was lucky enough that a family fell in love with her in taking her home in no more than 15 days since she arrived at the center.

Sadly, Daisy’s family whom she has been with for 8 long years, for some unknown reason, can no longer take care of her.  Daisy was surrendered to the same shelter where she was adopted from.  And now that she is nine years old, it’s heartbreaking that none has expressed interest in bringing home the adorable senior dog.

When Daisy was still a puppy, it didn’t take long for her to find a family; it was really no trouble.  But now that she’s a senior pooch, not one individual has shown interest in her and it has been 100 days since she was returned at the sanctuary.

“A lot of people choose to rehome puppies and younger dogs, so that they can have them for their whole lives”, says Steve Craddock, Battersea Dog & Cats Home Center Manager.

He also said that people often overlook the required time to train and exercise puppies and younger dogs; older and senior ones are often more tranquil and relaxed.  They prefer watching TV while cuddling over playing chase or catching ball.

While it is true that Daisy is already old, volunteers at the center say that she still is the energetic and bubbly pup they met 8 years ago.

Since being returned to the shelter, Daisy has had so much adjustments to do and in order to make the coping process less difficult, she carries one of her favorite plush toys around.  Somehow, her toy gives her the security she needs and lessens the confusion on why she’s back at the center after having her own family for the longest time.

Photo Credits to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

“Older dogs, like Daisy, have a lifetime of love to give.  She (Daisy) was an excellent family companion, all she asks is an opportunity to prove and show another home what a wondrous dog she really is”, Craddock said.


  1. My boy Harley was 7.5 yrs when I took him home from Battersea. He’d had health issues and I had some work to do as a result of 2.5 yrs in kennels. But it was undoubtedly the best thing I ever did. Harley just turned 12 and is without a doubt my best friend. He had a new lease of life and although advertised as a senior dog, has been an eternal puppy for all these years. Looking forward to many more years and would adopt senior again.

  2. Do people really understand a dogs mind ? Do people understand what goes on in a dogs mind ?
    Apparently they don’t , or they wouldn’t be DUMPING beautiful and wonderful dogs like the days garbage.
    Just think for a bit , as if your the dog. Your young and cute inquizative , full of energy. The people come take you love all over you. Always playing , Giving you treats , new toys , showing you how to do new tricks. Loving you to lay on them and with them.
    Now your older ,still a lot of life and fun.But they have changed, not home as much don’t play as much , give me fewer treats , pet me less offten. As I have agged Its hard for me to hold in my pee and poop all day and 1/2 the evening !! But I do as uncomfortable as it is .
    Something is in the air , everything is in boxes nothing is where it should be. They are gone all the time and no time for me.

    Today I didn’t want to go for a ride,. All my toyes all my bed is gone . I’m at this place of a long long time ago . It wasn’t a bad place , just not a home . A home like I have .
    Good bye !! Wait wait good bye ??. What’s this ?? What did I do ?? What ?? Not good bye , no no .

    Why ? I thought I did everything right . This isn’t how it’s supposed to end ………….. Is it ????


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