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Los Angeles is a tough city. This statement proves true for Lady.

Lady is a dog found by Los Angeles Animal Rescue after getting a call that there’s a dog by the side of the road near a dumpster for almost 24 hours.

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The L.A. Animal Rescue personnel who responded to the call found that the dog was unable to move, clearly distressed and couldn’t even cry for help. She was on the verge of dying. For 24 hours, the dog was in pain, hungry, and thirsty.

With no name tag or collar to identify her, the L.A. Animal Rescue Personnel on the scene named her Lady.

The dog let out a cry when The rescuer tried transferring her onto a blanket. The rescue personnel immediately suspected a broken pelvis. He gently helped her onto the blanket and carried her slowly to the car.

The rescue personnel saw that she clearly needed help and she needed it fast in order for her to continue living.

Upon arriving to the facility, Lady went through a complete diagnostic checkup performed by the wonderful veterinary services in L.A. Animal Rescue. The X-Ray confirmed their suspicion that Lady fractured her pelvis.

Poor Lady was in so much pain that the staff couldn’t even bath her before her treatment.

However, she was in good hands with the staff at L.A. Animal Rescue. They took care of Lady every step of the way.

After she recovered, the staff groomed and took her to her foster home to get her ready for adoption. Lady also had a fan waiting for her.

Marshmellow, an international DJ, actually wanted to meet her. She spent some time with Marshmellow who is also known as an advocate for abandoned dogs and took part in the awareness campaign to help dogs like Lady get a loving, permanent home that they deserve.

Lady is now happy. The staff at L.A. Animal Rescue found her a “forever home” where she now lives a happy life.

If you see a dog or puppy in the streets that looks like it needs help, please call your local animal rescue center. It’s possible to save dogs like Lady. As an advocate for animal rights, all dogs deserve a second chance in a happy life.

Click play below to see Lady’s rescue. You’ll get a surprise at the end and won’t believe that it’s the same dog.

Video Source Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via YouTube

Thank you Hope For Paws for sharing this video.


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