By the time Floyd turned 3, Emily Beaston, his mom, was pretty certain that she knows everything about the 180–pound dog. But there’s one more thing Floyd has in store. It was a surprise that really amazed his mom.

Four months ago, Corey, Beaston’s partner, snapped Floyd’s photo when they were out in the park. Corey shared the photo by posting it on his Facebook account. Tons of attention coming from families and friends started to storm Corey’s post. But not in a way they expected.

Apparently, the location and position of the markings on Floyd’s head strangely looked like the pup’s own reflection.

“We noticed the ‘ear face’ when Corey used Floyd’s uncropped photo as a profile picture (in Facebook),” said Beaston. “A friend of his commented about the ear. Then, other friends started noticing it, too.”

It was fairly quick for families and friends to be obsessed with the unintentional optical illusion. The moment people started to notice it, a lot were openly and genuinely surprised, including Corey. From those who are unable to see the dog’s ear face to all others who were freaked out, all responses were quite entertaining, as Beaston said.

Beaston also shared the snapshot on her Reddit account where it garnered even more individuals seeing double. One Redditor said, “That’s just eerie!” While another commented, “This dog has a doppelgangEAR.”

And for those who are still finding it hard to locate Floyd’s ear face, one Redditor tried helping out. Here’s a better view:


Some people may ask: Why didn’t Beaston notice Floyd’s special and unusual markings right away? Well, conditions need to be seamless and perfect for the reflection to appear on Floyd’s face.

“His ear should be at the correct position and angle. The fold which makes the eye up will then be visible. So it’s not that easy for anyone to see it due to his movements. That photo just captured it very well.”

Photo Credits to Emily Beaston via The Dodo

While Floyd has since become an internet sensation, he is content just being with his fur-mom or simply snuggling in his blankets. “He’s my one true and faithful companion. And I love his goofy and silly face.”


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