How you as a dog owner show your affection for your pet is all dependent on how you want to show your love for your pet. However, if you have been browsing through social media and all other dog places on the internet, you would be able to see just how much people have been more than willing to do a lot of things for their beloved dog. For example, you can find taxi services made just for your pet in Mumbai, India. And then in Italy, a dog owner like you can get paid leave during times when your dog is sick.

With the way things are going and how people have shown just how much they would like their dog to feel special, you would not be surprised at just whatever things people may come up with. There are dog owners out there who have been choosing to spend more time with their pets rather than spend time with other humans. In fact, when it comes to binge watching tv shows or even movies at home, more and more dog owners would rather have their pet with them for this activity.

A study on watching TV

A study has been recently done with regards to watching television. According to the study, out of five respondents who took part in the survey, four of them have been doing this activity with their dog. Majority of those respondents who took part in the study have mentioned that their dogs are the best companion for this type of activity. In fact, it means that dogs have beaten humans who may be important in a person’s life – like husbands or wives, children, friends, partners, and even colleagues.

Why choose pets for watching TV

The truth about why people choose their pet dogs to stay with them during watching TV? Well, it is basically because dogs do not disagree with you. You may be disagreeing with your friend or any human companion you may have regarding what show or movie you would be watching. You also hate the fact that your TV watching buddy may already have watched a movie or show ahead of you and that is not good. Dogs do not do that and that is what makes them the best companions for such an activity.

Aside from that, your dog would be the best thing to have for a cuddle (and cuddles are always good!). They also do not go and take the remote from you. In fact, they do not care about the remote. The remote is all yours and your dog will not contend with you on that one. Also, your dog will not tell you about any spoilers they may have known or seen or read earlier. That should be a good thing, too.

Now, if you feel like watching another episode of that show that you are hooked on, don’t worry. Your dog will not care if you watch another episode. In fact, they will be there for you and will not speak a word so that you can totally enjoy what you are watching.


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