According to the APPA, U.S. pet ownership overall increased between 2014 and 2016, it was stated that Millennials are the majority of the pet owners in the United States.  They are the particular group who take the most liking with pets.

Mostly, college students and young professionals. And most of them live in apartment or a pad, in the city.

Of course, you would always consider having a comfortable space for your dog, living in a small pad or apartment would still work. So don’t worry about that much, but you have to consider getting a dog that could fit well in your place.

You have to look into a lot of different things, like does your building allow pets? Or do you have to pay for a specific amount for your pet’s accommodation too?  A place is an important factor for a pet, you should have accessible places for dog walking, or where you can take them out for potty.

You have to be prepared for it, it goes with an obligation or responsibility. It is not just a simple walk in the park. You need to give him time, care and affection. You have to provide his needs.

There are tons of factors to be considered when it comes to getting a dog that is suitable in an apartment setting.


Times like this, size matters. There are a lot of dog breeds to choose from, but remember, small sized dogs are better, because they will have a limited space at home. Smaller dogs can work with smaller places. You can choose from Boston Terriers, Pugs, Spaniels, Bulldogs, Pinschers, Poodles or Pomeranians. It is necessary that they have enough space to walk around inside the house. You can set up a spot at home, where he can sleep and you can dog proof your house just in case.

Behavior (Is your dog too noisy for an apartment setting?)

You don’t want your neighbors complaining about too much noise, excessive barking is inevitable sometimes, and what you need to do in situations like this is to include it in your house training session with your canine companion, this way, you can teach him how to lessen his barking.


Dogs are generally playful, they love running around, they like being in outdoor space and they enjoy seeing other places. And it’s Science, this is something you can’t change, so what would be the best option? If you happen to have an active dog, it is important to schedule a dog walk activity on a regular basis. Since you have a limited space at home, make sure your dog would go out more often, take him to a dog park, of tag him along when you go running or jogging.

Your priority is to provide all the needs of your pet, so whether you stay in a small apartment, you need not to worry, so long as you are giving him a comfortable space and an out most pet care, which is necessary. Make things work, be resourceful.


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