What accessories have you given your dog? Surely you have given him a really cute collar. You may also have given him some cool clothes made especially just for your pet. How about booties to keep those paws warm during the really cold months of winter? Your dog may not seem to appreciate how they look but you do! And so do other people who see your pet wearing those accessories you have given him.

What you most probably have not given him would be a scarf. Yes, you may wear a scarf to work or when you want to go outside but your dog does not. Plus, it is not everyday that you get to see a dog wearing this. So go ahead and make sure your DIY self is ready for this sweet little project that you surely would look good on your pet. Don’t you worry. This does not cost much but it will make your dog look like a million bucks. Once you do complete one and it looks good on your dog, you can definitely make more in different colors and with different styles. That way, you can mix and match your dog’s scarf with your outfit’s.

The materials for the fleece scarf

The things that you need to prepare for the fleece scarf for your dog would be some fleece. Choose a color that you really think looks good on your pet. Or maybe a color that you really like. Just how much fleece you would need should depend on the size of your dog. You should also have some scissors handy to cut through the material. A measuring tape would also be a really good tool to use for this simple project.

The steps to making the fleece scarf for your dog

The whole process does not need that you are a genius to complete this. All you need is your creativity and a lot of patience. You see, there are details that you need to take care of like measuring your dog’s neck and stuff like that.

So to get started, get the fleece that you have chosen for your dog. You can go with just one color or you can go with a cloth that has two colors. You may also try and get fleece that already has a print. It is up to you. Whatever makes you and your dog happy should do. When you have the fleece with you, start cutting it into the right size. Big dogs’ scarves can measure around 60 inches by 9 inches. For smaller dogs, you can go with 32 inches by 3.5 inches. However, that is just a quick estimate. What you can do is you can measure your dog’s neck and try to find a good amount of cloth that you would need for it to work as a scarf. When satisfied with the size, go ahead and cut it.

You can add some tassels at the end of the scarf if you want to. If not, you can simply sew the ends of the cloth so that it does not fringe.


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