Are you planning on going on a trip but your dog can’t come with you? Well, you should plan your pet’s accommodation. Boarding a dog can be expensive and asking a family member or a friend may be too much to ask. This is probably a good time to consider getting a pet sitter.

A pet sitter’s job is to take good care of pets whenever their owner is away. Most of them are animal lovers with a good background in taking care of animals. They usually have their own pet too. Some of them have their primary career, and they pet sit on the side.

There are also pet sitters who prefer to do it full time or make it their own business. To provide the best care possible, they will get to know you and your pet first. Some of them may also offer some other services, like dog walking and giving your dog’s medication whenever you are not around.

Finding a pet sitter

Ask other pet owners if you are looking for a pet sitter because some of them only rely on word of mouth. You can also ask your vet or the staff at your vet’s clinic. You might find out that one of the staff does pet sitting.

If you would like to hire a professional pet sitter from recognized companies, try visiting the Pet Sitters International or National Association of Professional Pet Sitters website. Just make sure to check some references for your potential pet sitter before choosing. You may also want to hire a pet sitter who is insured just in case problems occur to your pet or your property while you are away.

There is also another alternative when it comes to finding a pet sitter. If there is any group located around your area with like-minded pet owners, you can just ask them to watch over your pet for you. In return, you can also take care of their pet while they are out of town. Some of these groups have free membership. Search it up online or ask the nearest pet professional if ever he knows a group around your area.

Once you have found the best pet sitter, you can already relax because your pet is already in good hands. Ask your chosen pet sitter to come early so he can get to know your dog first and have the arrangements. Tell your pet sitter all the instructions needed. Give him a list of contact numbers if he needs to ask anything or if any problem happens:

  • Your phone number
  • Your vet’s phone number and address (if needed)
  • Your family member’s number (in case you can’t be reached)
  • Your lodging information
  • Closest emergency vet

Most pet sitters understand that the pet owner might worry about their dogs. A short call once or twice a day is perfectly reasonable. Your trip will be more fun when you are not worried. Knowing that your precious dog is doing well will make you feel at ease.


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