Experts recommend ideal dog training to 4 weeks old pups up to 12 weeks old. It is clinically known that pups are able to control their bladders at this time so they can hold and keep bowel movement until they are allowed to do so. To make sure they really do, a crate is necessary.

Putting dogs in crates is not as wicked as some dog owners think. It is actually very helpful in house training a pup as well as keeping older dogs safe and grounded. But it has a more important use in their early lives – to enable you to check on them when they have to go or when you are teaching them to hold their bladders until you open up and signal them to go.

Crate training guidelines

Putting your dog or pup in a crate needs a bit of training too but first you need to make sure that your dog is comfortable in it. Let it lie down, stand, and turn around in it to ensure it fits the pup. Also, ensure that this crate is not big enough or else, your pup may use the corners as a comfort room.

Another thing to consider is the periods of time you plan to put your dog in the crate. Place fresh water in dispenser which you will attach to the crate, especially if you plan to keep your pup inside for more than two hours every time.

If there are times you can’t come home to give him a break at least during noontime, make sure that there will be someone else to do that for you. The ideal period of house training is recommended to last for months but the first 8 would be critical for this.

The moment your pup eliminates in the crate, you should take notice because your pup is giving you a significant sign. One is that it might have already this habit which it has adapted from its previous living condition. It may be that you are keeping him in the crate more than the recommended period.

Another reason why your puppy keeps eliminating in its crate is that it may a bit big for his size. Lastly, you may also consider his age as it may actually be too early or that the pup is too young to keep its bladder on soon as you notice this annoying behavior, immediately identify the possible reason for this.

Crate training your pup is very important instilling proper eliminating times and spots. It is useful in teaching your dog patience and holding in its bladder or bowel movement until you open the door for him. If you have already taught him of the spot where he should relieve himself then your dog will go straight to that place.

If your dog is doing as you hope it would with the help of your training, then you are successful. Just don’t forget too that your dog needs rewards and treats as encouragement and positive reinforcements. You can also choose to use affection and praises for this.


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