Having a pet can be very pleasing, exciting and joyful but at the same time tiring and challenging. Pet owners can come home to their place covered in a mess such as shreds o paper, broken ceramic vase, knocked up a lamp, pee and poop everywhere. Raising a puppy can be fun and can bring you happiness and relaxation, but it comes with moments of patience-testing. Here are some behavioral problems and how to deal with it:

Puppies are peeing everywhere

Peeing is one of the inevitable and predictable behavioral issues for puppies. Puppies may pee on your rug, couch, and any other places in your place or home. If this is a frequent problem you experience when raising your dog, the pet owner should engage in crate training for their pet. In this method, your dog will be enforced a thinking wherein they should not pee where they sleep or eat. Crate training also involves scheduling wherein pet owners will take her outside regularly after consuming food and water. Playtime for pets should also be limited to short intervals, and play space should also be limited indoors. Puppies are easy to get distracted and might forget they have to pee so when the dogs must pee, and they have no time and pee just where they are. Pet owners should improve this behavior also to help their dogs to understand where to pee.

Puppies are chewing everything

Puppies also chew everything they see and everything they reach. Pet owners always come home to scratches and chews in almost everything in the house. Many pet owners often report a behavioral problem of dogs wherein dogs engages in excessive chewing. However, this excessive chewing is just a phase for puppies and pet owners should help their puppy to get through this phase. They should be responsible wherein they should limit the space and furniture that the dog can reach and access. Puppies can’t chew things they can’t reach. Pet owners should provide chew toys or exciting and different things they can eat or play.

Puppies have too much energy

Puppies when growing up have too much energy, and they are too excited to play. Pet owners should engage their dogs in exercising such as taking a walk or playing. Their many energy should be transposed to another kind of activity. Pet owners may opt to give their dogs toys that will require the dogs to use their brain or engage their dogs in basic training wherein they get to use their mind. Reports showed that dogs that are tired are well-behaved and happy dogs.

Puppies may bite or nip everywhere

If puppies are nipping everywhere, pet owners should remain calm. If your puppy is chewing your arm, you must do your best to stay calm at this moment. If so, if they bite another puppy or person, your puppy will know that biting is too much. Staying calm is the best reaction because if you push your puppy away, they will think that you are playing with the puppy. Pet owners may also opt to buy chew toys to distract them from biting you.


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