Who couldn’t resist that ear-flopping and big-rounded eyes that scream, “I want food,” whenever you are eating? Dogs develop the habit of begging effectively because they noticed that when they beg to their owners, they are rewarded with bits of food. It’s actually reinforcing a bad attitude. More dogs in America are getting obese by the second because of this. You have to reinforce your veterinarian’s choice of diet for your dog. It is not helping when you give a dog a slice of pizza everytime he activates the puppy eyes he’s born with. As long as you are sticking with the food choice and checking their health concerns consistently, your dog is healthy.

Listed below are ways of teaching your dog to stop begging for food.

Locate him in a separate area when you are eating

Like any other pieces of training, this effort requires consistency and discipline. To prevent begging from happening, make sure he doesn’t see the food. You can set up baby gates or you can leave him in a room with his bowl of water. After you and your family have eaten, go into that area and give him some of his favorite treats and praise him for staying calm.

Ignore the “puppy eyes” and the whimpering

Don’t let his sparkly, twinkling and beautiful eyes deceive you. Remember, as long as you’re feeding him the right amount of food every day, he doesn’t need more. If he thinks that begging will give him an edge over you, completely ignore him. Don’t encourage this behavior any longer. Eat as if he doesn’t exist.

Distract him with his chew toys

Distraction is one of the many ways you can keep him begging. Shifting his attention from the food on the table and letting him play with his chew toy can be fruitful. You can purchase dog toys on your local pet store. As long as you partner it with the consistent effort of ignoring him when he’s no longer paying attention to the toy in front of him.

Patience when teaching your dog not to beg for food

There is a reason why you shouldn’t let your dog’s charm get the better of you. Some of the food items human consume may not be edible for dogs. Also, there might be numerous health risks associated with eating too much. Do not harm the dog when you think that his begging is becoming annoying. It takes time, consistent training efforts and patience to change this instinctive behavior.

If you can’t handle this behavior any longer, don’t resort to leaving the dog to the care of shelters because of this undesirable behavior. Take a chance on availing the services of a trained professional such as dog trainers, veterinarians and another dog specialist for help. Don’t ever lose hope on a dog or any of your pets. They just need understanding, time and appreciation. After all, dogs are incredibly smart animals that can learn things through an owner’s careful instruction.


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