During the early stages of a puppy, you’ll find them chewing on shoes. The thing is so cute to an extent that you feel compelled to just let them be. But be warned, this habit might continue until the dog is grown, to an extent of you having challenges while trying to restrain them.

The next time you might find your puppy chewing on your expensive pants of dress. I’m sure you don’t want that. Before you get mad at them, understand that you’ve also played a huge role in allowing them to adopt the habit.

But before you give up on the puppy, understand that there are certain remedies to this problem. At the onset, you’ll need to keep one of the golden rules in mind. That is anything that the puppy does in her early stages is bound to become a lifelong habit.

Your responsibility, therefore, is to restrain this from happening. At first, some behaviors are less appealing, such include chewing on shoes. That’s why I’m here to help you tame that puppy before they’re a full grown, stronger, and a large dog with its own volition.

Break Bad Habits On Their Onset

If you ask any dog owner, we all have regrets. These regrets are about things that we did while raising our dogs. There are certain areas that we fell short or neglected. This is now the main challenges that we have a problem solving while the dog has grown.

I know that every dog owner did their best with the knowledge that they had at that time. But improvements can always be made. Sometimes, we make mistakes unintentionally, this errors often haunt us in the future. This is what you want to avoid.

This does not imply that you’re doomed for life, you can always make changes as you move along. If the habits that the dog has adopted is hard to break, you can always find a remedy. This calls for proper training and diligent management on your part.

Prevention is better than cure, you want to prevent these destructive behaviors before they become so deeply ingrained for you to break them.

Some of the preventive strategies that you can implement include eliminating the opportunity for the puppy to misbehave. The idea here is that you can always introduce some activities that will keep the puppy engaged to a point where it expends all the excess energy.

How To Deal With Chewing Habits

As we’ve mentioned earlier on, the first thing that you want to do is to eliminate the temptation. This will make it impossible for the dog to engage in any destructive behavior that is undesirable.

You’ll have to keep shoes and sandals in their proper place. Keep them in the closet. You can also keep them in a place where the puppy cannot reach them.

Avoid scattering shoes all over the place. You don’t want to leave shoes all over the place. Also, remind the family members that you have made the decision to deal with the problem immediately.

The next thing that you want to do is to get some chewing toys that will keep the puppy busy. They need to play with the toys, not the shoes. The next time that the dog chews on toys, reward them with a treat. This will work like magic.

Word of caution! If you find the puppy chewing on your shoes, you’ll have to resist the temptation to yell or punish them. This is counterproductive. When you instigate negative attention, its still attention, and as a result, it will reinforce the behavior. What you do is take the shoe and place it where it belongs. Then take a chewing toy and give it to the puppy. Repeat this process and you’ll have solved the problem.


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