Talking about reputable breeders, what exactly do I mean? That’s a great question. The idea is that we have breeders who breed their dogs responsibly, while others don’t.

As a consumer, you owe it to yourself to do the research and find a reputable breeder. This should be done before you make a purchase. You don’t want to end up buying your dog from a cruel breeder.

There are other people who entirely believe in the American Kennel Club’s inspection certification. They make a purchase without going the extra mile. Considering an expose that was done into the AKC’s inspection program, we found that there are many breeders who expose their puppies to mill-like conditions.

I’m saying this with the knowledge that the AKC is the highest authority on this subject. However, there are some findings that showed how some commercial breeding facilities subject their puppies to mill-like conditions. Yet they’re registered with the AKC.

Reckless breeding results in serious health problems. This is the case with most puppies that come from puppy mills. There was a case in the New York Times that reported of a woman who purchased a dog breeder who passed the AKC’s inspection. Unfortunately, the dog suffered from several abnormalities due to reckless breeding.

AKC’s approval of these dog breeding facilities is deceiving to the prospective consumers. There’s a need for them to be accountable for the breeders they’ve certified.  AKC does not actually have the exact number of the total breeders that they’ve certified in the country.

It is with this in mind that we’re trying to look at some of the qualities that can guide a prospective buyer.

A reputable dog breeder ought to be using high-quality equipment and supplies in their facility.

We’re not talking about a ten-pound bag of food neither I’m I talking about a blanket in the facilities corner. They ought to be fully committed to what they’re doing. This implies that they have to invest money in grooming tables, crates, whelping beds, and puppy pens.

When it comes to the kinds of meals that they feed their dog, it should be nothing but the best. Others even make their own foods. They should also maintain a clean environment for their pups. At this point, prospective buyers should have the opportunity to see the kind of kennels as they discuss the breeding process with buyers.

As a prospective buyer, the breeder should tell you why they chose the father as the stud. They should also give details on why they decided to accentuate or reproduce.

This is when they also give you proper answers concerning inbreeding, out-crossing, and line breeding. If the breeder is reputable, they should be in apposition to give you accurate details on this subject. Reputable breeders should also have adequate information concerning their dog’s temperament, personality, and any other qualities.

Reputable breeders should have no qualms whatsoever when it comes to answering questions. They should even encourage questions that the buyer has concerning their purchases. Also, beware of breeders who charge different prices for female and male dogs. The same applies if they try to charge extra for registration or pedigree.


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