The star for today wants to prove that she rules the entire house. So, when she declared that it is already nap time, no one could stop her; not even her owner.

Meet Mia the Bulldog. In the video, her owner could not contain her amazement when Mia decided to head early to bed. She led straight to the bedroom without glancing to her owner.

Watch the video below.

Nap Time

It's time to sleep now! #bulldogCredits to Eggnogthebulldog

Posted by Mia the Bulldog on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Source: Facebook via Mia the Bulldog 

It is such a great experience to witness this kind of relationship between the owner and the dog. They respect each other’s choices and give each other the freedom to decide for themselves. This story should inspire all dog owners out there as a good relationship with one’s dog will result in a lot of beautiful things.

Our thoughts

A healthy relationship between pets and dog owners should be one of the most ultimate goals throughout the whole time they are together. There are a lot of instances and stories which show that dogs understand and feel like human beings. Yes, they do not have the capabilities to express themselves, but it does not mean that we can abuse them.

We have to remember that as innocent as this animal may seem, they understand love and loyalty. Also, they will be the ones who will stay and will never choose to leave us.

So, it is about time that you treat your dogs the right way. Make them feel like they are family and that you value them.

May this story of Mia the Bulldog and her owner be an inspiration to all of us. Here’s to more inspiring dog stories!

Thank you to Mia the Bulldog for this video. Everyone, you can also check her Facebook page out and see more updates about her.


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