Sometimes, having one dog is just not enough, especially for dog lovers. But more dogs mean more challenges. You’ll have to teach them how to live in harmony together. It will not be that hard, but you need to be patient with your dogs.

Meet and greet

First, let them meet and greet. Their first meeting will set the tone for the time that they will be living together. If possible, let them meet away from home. A neutral setting will be best.

If you want to adopt from a shelter, try to bring your dog to meet your potential new dog. Observe them first if they will get along before signing the adoption papers. Give them time and be patient.

Getting two puppies

If you want to get two puppies at the same time, written down are tips that can help:

  • Put them in a crate together whenever you are not available.
  • Buy two of every item. Two leashes, two toys, and two beds. They may share things while they are young. However, things may change as they grow old.
  • It’s better to purchase different colors for the items. This will help avoid confusion.

Give them time separately

Dogs need to feel special. You have to spend one-on-one time with each of them. They should also have individual training sessions. They need your attention individually. You can ask another person in the house to walk the other dog while you spend time with the other one.

Avoiding dog fights

Dog fights are almost always expected to happen if there are two or more dogs in a house. It’s not going to be super serious. They will just end up staring at each other. There are ways to avoid fights between dogs.

  • Neutering is among the best ways to avoid fights. Mostly, aggressiveness is caused by rampaging hormones of dogs.
  • Reinforce the pack order: you, then the other people in the house, and lastly, the dogs.


Dogs should eat at the same time. But the alpha dog’s food should come first. There won’t be a problem if they will eat the same type of food. Dogs should have their separate foods. A communal bucket of water is fine.

You might need to feed them in a separate area. If one dog finishes his food first, he might also try to finish the other dog’s food. This can result in an overweight dog. Plus, they might fight because of the food.

Proofing behavior

One dog alone can already make a big mess. What more if you add another one to the pack. If after sorting out the order of the pack you still encounter problems, you might need to ask some help from a vet or a behavior specialist for pets.

What happens usually is that they will come to your house. They will observe your dogs while they are in action inside the house. Then, they will come up with a training plan that will work for you.


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