Dogs can escape from time to time. When they get bored, they find ways to get out of the house and go for a walk. This situation causes frustration for dog owners.

However, this story focuses on Sadie who escaped to protect her family and become a hero.

Sadie, a pit bull from Tuckahoe, NY, escaped her family’s home and wandered around the neighborhood to warn people that her family is in danger.

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Sadie barked nonstop, and people started to avoid her. Concerned citizens called the police out of fear. The police responded and found Sadie clearly agitated.

The local police tried to catch Sadie, but as the police got near her, Sadie sprinted back to her home. The police followed Sadie and found that the sliding door at the back of the house open.

Upon investigation, the police found no one was home, but as they went near the house, they noticed the strong smell of gas coming from inside the house.

The police suspected gas leak and immediately called the fire department who responded quickly and turned off the gas line.

It turns out that Sadie escaped and tried to catch the attention of people in her neighborhood. She sensed that the smell means danger and wants people to help her keep her family safe.

Ms. Costello was shocked and relieved after hearing about the incident. She’s also very proud of her pet pit bull for what she did.

She stated that what Sadie did was out of character and that she never tried escaping before. She also found that Sadie attempted to get out of the front door. The front door entrance is full of scratches and has hints blood believed to be from Sadie’s paws.

Fortunately, nobody got hurt thanks to the heroic act of Sadie the runaway pit bull.

If you want to know more about Sadie, here’s a video clip of Sadie’s heroic story.

Video Source CBS News via YouTube

Thanks to the Good News Network for sharing this.


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