Sir Patrick Stewart is not only one of the most famous actors in the world but is also an advocate for dogs.

He doesn’t just donate to charity organizations but is also active in the community. He and his wife signed up as foster parents for rescued dogs.

Opening their home to rescued pets made it possible for them to meet the lovable rescued pit bull, Ginger.

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Almost right away, Sir Patrick and Ginger formed a bond that shows unconditional love.

Because of the bond they formed, Sir Patrick wanted to adopt Ginger permanently but soon found out that he won’t be able to take Ginger home with him in The United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom does not allow ownership of pit bulls. Aside from getting fined, the dog will also get impounded and eventually put to sleep.

Sir Patrick resides in Los Angeles but go back to The United Kingdom for extensive periods. Because of the law banning pit bulls as pets, he couldn’t take Ginger with him.

For this reason, the couple worked hard with Wags And Walks to find Ginger her forever home.

Thankfully, they did find a home for Ginger and now lives happily with her new family.

Although Sir Patrick’s time with Ginger was short, the bond they formed will last for a long time.

Sir Patrick still participate in finding homes for rescued dogs and currently provides temporary homes for rescued dogs much like Ginger.

Wags And Walks raises awareness for people to adopt rather than buy. It also encourages people to become fosters for dogs. Becoming a foster for rescued animals will allow these pets to adjust and get ready to live in a permanent home.

The video below shows the story.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

Thanks to Wags And Walks for making this story possible.


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