We only want the best for our dogs—that includes our need to protect them from all sorts of illnesses. Though we have the updated vaccinations for our dogs to prevent them from contracting some diseases, it is still no guarantee that they will be protected from all possible health dangers outside—most especially in dog parks.

Dogs probably scream “good time” every time they are at dog parks. Every trip would mean they would have a great time to socialize and play with fellow dogs. Then again, be reminded, if you are bringing your beloved pooch to another trip to the dog park, make sure to look out for the following just be sure of your dog’s health and safety.
According to Dr. Kristi Flynn of the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine, dog owners should make sense of the following health concerns:

1. The Possibility of Contracting an Infectious Disease
Because of various dogs gather to play at dog parks, spread of illnesses is as quick as wildfire. Some of these illnesses include canine influenza and kennel cough. Though vaccines for kennel cough protect the dogs, at some point, multiple strains of virus from this cough can still affect our pets. According to Dr. Flynn, there are still no guarantee that our dogs won’t catch it. Just to be extra safe, bring your very own collapsible water bowl for your pet. This way, you can prevent contact through shared bowls.

2. Watch Out For Heat Stroke
Heat is one our dogs’ worst enemies. This is mainly because dogs lack sweat glands, so it is more difficult for them to cool themselves off. If you are planning to bring your dog to the park, make sure the temperature is not at its worst. Or if the schedule dog park trip cannot be postponed, make sure your dogs won’t stay out in direct sunlight for too long. Make sure to also bring ample supply of (cold) water for them to enjoy after playing. You can also look for a shaded spot where your dog can rest after some tiresome running and playing.

3. Watch Out For Ticks and Fleas!
another nightmare for dog owners is coming home and finding some creepy pests crawling on their dogs’ furs and coats. Dog parks are also easy targets for thousands of ticks and fleas. They can also be transferred from one body to another. Now if our dogs play with other dogs infested with ticks and fleas, there’s a hundred percent chance they will get these blood suckers as well. Best thing to do is use topical oils or oral tablets prescribed by veterinarians to help protect our pets from these parasites. Do not forget a thorough tick check as well every time you come home from the dog park.

4. Check The Bad Behavior
According to Dr. Flynn, behavior at the dog parks are often looked over. In truth, dog owners are responsible in monitoring their dog’s behavior at dog parks. They should also recognize if their dogs are being too pushy, or too exuberant to the point when they are making other dogs uncomfortable.

Dog parks are fun places, and they are perfect for your dogs for physical exercise and socialization. Just make sure to take extra precautionary measures to protect them from health hazards. That way, you can assure a great and happy experience for your beloved pets.


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