We humans may not have the keenest sense of smell that our beloved pets have, but we are pretty sensitive with scents and odors. May be some of us have a better sense of smell than others, something that is both a good thing and a bad thing. It could be a bad thing because sensitivity to whatever smell is heightened, one could get bothered with just the slightest smell. On a more positive note, you can use the keen smell to your advantage.

Talking about scents and odors, dog owners know by heart what a normal dog owners house smells like. The smell was cultured by years of covering up the smell of pet urine and poo, combined with the musk of pets who rolled in dirt, grass, and others. Let us admit it, we love our pets dearly, but how we wish we could go back to a neutral smelling home.

When we talk about the neutral smell, we are talking about the clean smell, often scent free ambiance. We could learn a thing or two about turning our homes into odor-free homes.

Just how many times have you come across a place for rent, perhaps a vacant apartment or one from an open house and have guessed that dog owners have occupied the place for years? Admit it, our sense of smell had gotten accustomed to the smell of our beloved pooches. No amount of air fresheners or scented sprays can mask that particular dog smell. Not even total cleaning and overhaul can hide that either. But then again, there are dog lover homes that are so neutral smelling, you would never guess there’s pets inside the house. These are the dog owners that firmly believe that time is not on their side once their dogs make a mess. These are the dog owners who follow and do a daily cleaning routine.

To keep your home pet-odor free, there are a few tips:

Always remember to assemble your cleaning supplies. You would always want to keep them handy when your dogs make a mess. Make sure you have a handy enzymatic cleaner. Purchase a large bottle if you own a puppy or an aging dog. The enzymatic cleaner, has components that will automatically attach the pet waste’s components, neutralizing the odors in the process. Just look and follow for special instructions as to prevent any damages to carpets and rugs. Bleach is also a good cleaner for wet waste such as dog urine. You can start off by diluting one half cup of it to a gallon of water. You can also use baby wipes to clean your pets.

Also look into the shampoo you use for your pets during bath time. We know pet odors start with our dogs themselves—so make sure you have them in handy. Make sure you also have other cleaning tools ready like floor cleaners and spot scrubbers.
With your cleaning tools and supplies in place, you must now remember to establish a house cleaning routine. You may have all the cleaning supplies, but has a non-existent cleaning routine—It is still something that just won’t work. Regular cleaning will work wonders to your home. Mark your dog’s favorite spots at home regularly and you will notice the change. Regular sweeping, scrubbing and vacuum can keep your homes pet odor free. Don’t wait for the waste to sit in. once you see the mess, clean it up. The longer it’s there, the more chances for the odor to stick to your curtains, sofa, and others.

So, to keep your homes pet-odor free, just remember a few things:

ESTABLISH A CLEANING ROUTINE AND AVOID NEGLIGENCE—This way you are assured of a neutral smelling that your whole family (including your dogs) will enjoy.


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