As a responsible pet parent, you surely want to give your fur baby the best nutrition there is. However, this can sometimes cost too much. Worry no more because we are sharing some tips for you to cut your expenses while still giving the best food to your pup.

Check online for pet food coupons

You are probably familiar with the Sunday paper coupon inserts. This is definitely a good source of coupons for pet foods and other freebies. However, there is still a way for you to max out your coupon savings. That is through printable coupons, which you will mostly find on the websites of your grocery store, pet food manufacturer, or Also, like the Facebook page of the big pet food brands for you to get access to their exclusive coupon offers.


Pet food manufacturers like Science Diet always release new products. Whenever these new pet foods come out, they often offer free samples. If your pet is not that picky, take advantage of these samples.

Rewards clubs

Buying the same pet food from the same pet shop over and over can be rewarding. So, make the most of the reward programs that many companies offer and start collecting your free loot.

Homemade food

Home cooked dog foods can save you a lot. Try different homemade pet food recipes and see which one your fur baby likes. You may also experiment on homemade treat recipes, which are usually less complicated to make than human cookies. Your pup will surely appreciate this.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk means a bigger bag to carry, which is understandably difficult. However, this can be rewarding because this is cheaper than buying smaller packs. Compare their prices and choose the one with the best deal. Or, try searching online and shop from those who offer free shipping.

Delivery subscription

Many stores like Amazon, Petco, and offer subscription programs where you can schedule a regular delivery of items that you usually use. These stores normally offer discounts on those items. This does not only save you on your pet food, but you also saved yourself from going on a trip to the store.

Check the packaging

Usually, manufacturers stick coupons on the product’s packaging. So, take a look at the packaging before throwing its empty container away or before checking out at the store.

Always choose the best nutritional deal

Sometimes, the best deal does not always mean finding the cheapest pet food. Read the label and ensure that you are picking the one with proper ingredients. Giving your dog the appropriate nutrition could save you from spending for the vet later on.

Raw food diet

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat can save you a lot. Research on raw food diet and see if this would fit your dog.

Ask for coupons and samples from your vet

Food manufacturers usually send coupons and food samples to vets. So they are usually happy to provide these samples to their clients. Ask for one before leaving your vet’s clinic.


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