Keeping your dog’s dental and oral health is a crucial aspect of their overall health and well-being.

Oral problems can lead to infections and other severe diseases. It also gets in the way of their eating habit and can drastically affect their nutritional status.

The most favored way to clean a dog’s teeth would be to bring them to your vet and have them scrape any tartar or plaque build-up, all while your dog is under anesthesia. However, aside from the possible risk of the anesthesia, it is also very expensive and impractical for most.

Brushing their teeth has always been regarded as the best way to prevent any dental or oral problem. Some dog enjoys having their toothbrushes swishing up and down their teeth, but for most, brushing is a stuff of nightmare and would often fleed at the sight of a toothbrush.

Below are ways you can trick your dogs into cleaning their teeth without involving toothbrush.

1. Healthy Diet

Dog food companies will usually tell you that keeping your dog on a strict dry-only diet is beneficial for their teeth as solid food can help scrape off build-ups on teeth. Not only that this is misleading, but it is also detrimental for their overall health.

Proper nutrition through fresh and healthy diet will improve your dog’s overall health including their dental and oral health.

2. Dental Spray

Dental sprays are usually used to remove any foul odor from the dog’s mouth. But most dental sprays today are already formulated to contain ingredients that can remove odor-causing bacteria as well as help prevent plaque and tartar build-up.

As long as you can hold your dog still for a few seconds and manage to spritz their mouth, then dental spray can do most of the job for you.

3. Chew toys

Dogs love to chew, they would chew almost anything that comes close to their mouths.

Remember your favorite running shoes? How about your stuff toys and pillows your dog bludgeoned to death?

Taking advantage of this playful and chewy nature, you can give your dog toys that are designed to help improve their dental health.

Chew toys have different textures and made of materials that can help scrape off buildups in their mouths. Just make sure that the toy you give them doesn’t have parts that can be detached and swallowed.

4. Tooth Wipes

If your dog is afraid of a toothbrush but comfortable enough for you to stick in your fingers in their mouth, then tooth wipes can be your weapon of choice.

Tooth wipes are no different from toothbrushes since they can also effectively remove plaque and tartar build ups, and bacteria in their mouths.

5. Raw Bones

Raw bones are the most convenient way to help your dog maintain a healthy mouth. Raw bones are more preferred since cooked bones have the tendency to break up into sharp splinters that can be ingested and cause a lot of problems.

Bone chewing can keep their mouths occupied and scrape off build ups. Just make sure to choose the appropriate size of the bone depending on your dog’s size. It should not be small enough to be swallowed and cause choking but it should not be too big that they can’t even chew it.

6. Dog Chews

Similar to chew toys, dog chews are made to satisfy your dog’s chew cravings and clean their mouth at the same time. The only difference is that dog chews are designed to look like bones or other shapes and not in the form of a toy.

Choose a dog chew that is made of high quality and hypoallergenic material to ensure that your dog is not only happy but also disease free.


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