Mutts are mixed breeds of dogs if you don’t want to have a pure breed dog, a mutt is perfect for you. Not only are these adorable little mixed breed dogs really awesome, but they can also be better than pure breeds in some ways.
Here are some of the reasons why you should get your every own mutt.

1. Mutts are actually healthier than purebreds

Dogs with pure breeds are actually being mated with other pure breeds, most of the times with a relative even. And so since the gene pool of the pure breeds is actually very poor and small, this means that they only have small amounts of traits including immunity to sickness to work with. Pure breeds also very often develop recessive disorders in their bodies.

But this major problem is almost not present in mutts. Being mixed breeds, mutts will have lower chances of developing hereditary conditions. This will mean that they will have fewer chances of getting sick and so they might actually live longer.

2. Mutts are not expensive to own

Since generally, people tend to want to own a purebred dog, they become excessively expensive because of the demand. Buying purebreds from dog breeders might cost you a fortune.

If you just want a dog as your companion and you don’t actually care about the breeding of the dog, you can always go and own yourself a mutt. You can always find a mutt inside dog shelters.

Adopting a mutt from a dog shelter will also be a good way of rescuing stray dogs and letting them have the love and family that they actually need. And did I mention that it’s free? This is a lot better than spending so much money to buy a purebred dog from a dog breeder.

Even though mutts from dog shelters are cheap, this will not be any problem. They will love you the same as the purebred dog.

3. Mutts will have lower risks of being stolen

Since mutts are really cheap to own, this will automatically lower their value in the eyes of those evil thieves. Criminals that are looking for dogs to steal will less likely to consider taking your dog away from you.

Although it is such a shame that these types of crimes are happening around the world, this is a situation that will be hard to control. Having your dog taken away from you will be very frustrating and sad at the same time, and the risk of that happening is increased if your dog is a purebred.

4. You can make mutts happier with relative ease

Since mutts do not get sick as often as purebreds. This will mean that you will have fewer visits to your local vet, and this will lessen the stress that your dog will feel.
Mutts are also low maintenance which means you will actually have more time to spend playing and enjoying with them. You will also spend less money on buying specific and expensive dog food which means you will save a lot of money.


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